Merchants Bridge, Castlefield, Manchester

Merchants Bridge, Castlefield, Manchester by Ed OKeeffe

Today was going to be a quiet day, maybe do a little homework or shopping or cinema. I ended up getting a call from Ciaran saying he was in Manchester for three or four hours, so we wandered down to Castlefield. Its been a while; long time readers will remember my obsession with this area of Manchester earlier in the year. My photography is constantly developing and changing and I now tend to think more about what I am pointing my camera at. In contrast you can see a very similar photograph below, similar in what the subject was but not as well thought out. The image below was taken 10 months ago and I went for the obvious by having the Beetham Tower and Merchants Bridge in the picture. Personally, it improves the image when I have better lighting and focus in on the bridge.

Today I photographed the bridge from a few different angles, and have taken dozens of pictures over the months, but todays picture (above) is particularly special in my eyes. The fluffy clouds on blue sky, the composition to lead in the eye, the good shadows, the Metrolink Tram going over the bridge in the background. We get all hypercritical and say that the two people walking towards us on the bridge should be 4 feet closer, wearing red jumpers and smiling but you wouldn’t do that to me would you???

Merchants Bridge, Castlefield, Manchester

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